What is Mindfulness for Kids?

Mindfulness for kids is a great tool for reducing anxiety and increasing a child’s wellbeing and positivity. Far from being only for adults, mindfulness helps develop positive habits that will last a lifetime. Something we practice in the Squoodles’ household, we thought we’d share the benefits and uses of it with you too. Using Mindfulness for Kids Mindfulness is about giving one specific thing your full attention, and not thinking about anything else. Easier said than done, focussing on your … Read More

How to Make a Puppet Theatre at Home

It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to meet the puppets in the puppet show tonight! Or this morning, whatever works! We’ve put together a quick guide on how to make a puppet theatre at home. Instructions to Make a Puppet Theatre for Kids Making a puppet theatre is a neat craft activity for the family to do together. Older kids may be able to make their own too. We’ve put together some … Read More

Why Toy Cars and Vehicles Make the Best Kids’ Presents

It doesn’t seem to matter what their colour, size or shape; toy cars, tractors, trucks and trains are extremely popular with kids. Played with almost anywhere, toy vehicles make up one of the key toy types and have for generations. But why are they so loved and which ones are best? We did some research to find out. Why Are Toy Cars and Other Vehicles So Popular? Play is how kids learn best. It gives them the opportunity to develop … Read More

7 Fun Musical Activities for Toddlers

Singing, dancing and playing instruments – all of these musical activities (and more) are not only enjoyable for toddlers, but also beneficial. We take a look at how musical activities can benefit our toddlers, plus share seven fun ideas for you to try at home. Benefits of Musical Activities for Toddlers Music provides a rich sensory environment in which toddlers thrive. Being immersed in an environment where music is valued and explored helps our children to: Develop a sense of … Read More

What Are the Most Popular Childhood Dream Jobs?

You only live once, though most of us had enough ideas for childhood dream jobs for four, five or even six lifetimes! From astronauts to doctors, truck drivers to teachers, we explore the most popular childhood dream jobs from the past and present – and guess at the ones for the future. Top 7 Childhood Dream Jobs What did you want to be when you grew up? A famous TV star, a singer, a nurse or a journalist? The great … Read More

Creative Stamping Ideas for Kids

Mr Squoodles and I are continually amazed at the stamping ideas our (not so little) Squoodles Bugs come up with. With their creativity continually being sparked by both pre-made stamp kits and DIY hand stamps, we know that our boys won’t be the only ones that love stamping! We’ve put our heads together and are sharing some of our favourite stamping ideas, plus a couple of neat ones we’ve discovered online. 7 Fun Stamping Ideas for Kids We’ve pulled together … Read More

Choosing Toys for Children with Low Vision

Choosing toys for children with low vision follows similar principle as choosing toys for kids with good vision: you pick toys that are age, stage and interest appropriate. All children have different likes, dislikes and abilities. When picking toys, it’s about identifying what they are and choosing toys which meet these requirements. There are some unique considerations to be aware of when selecting toys for children with low vision: Tactile – look for toys which have a variety of textures … Read More

Why Kids Love Poems & You Should Too!

Yes, kids love poems! I know that you’re most likely remembering the ballads from secondary school or the poetry analysis you were forced to do. Well, kids don’t think of poetry like that. Instead, they see poetry as having fun words and stories that excite and engage their imaginations. With rhyming words, alliteration and words in all sorts of fonts, sizes and places on a page, kids find poems interesting. Rather than stun you with poems we have written, we’d … Read More

Identifying & Managing Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children is common and normal. Right from infancy, children become anxious when separated from Mum and when exposed to new noises, sounds and environments. As parents, one of our roles is to help identify when our kids are feeling anxious and teach them how they can manage these feelings.  We also need to know when we need to seek professional support for our kids. Key Symptoms of Anxiety in Children Anxiety in children has similar symptoms to those … Read More

Top Ideas on Gifts for Tweens

Choosing gifts for tweens is a bit of a fine balance. You want something which isn’t seen as babyish, yet not too ‘adult-like’ and off putting. Notoriously difficult to buy for, tweens also tend to rely upon what their friends think as to whether a gift is ok or not. To help you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles out, we’re sharing our best ideas on choosing gifts for tweens. Choosing Great Gifts for Tweens They’ll Actually Love Getting In order … Read More

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