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5 Reasons Why Musical Instruments for Kids Are Important

musical instruments for kids From early on, children are exposed to music. Singing lullaby’s, nursery rhymes and even made up funny songs are a big part of their lives. As they get older, introducing musical instruments for kids into their play is a natural progression. Being able to play, touch and make noise with a variety of children’s wooden musical instruments helps our kids learn in so many ways. Today I am going to explore with you five reasons why kids need to play with instruments regularly.

Ear Muffs for Adults & Musical Instruments for Kids

Ok, the music they make is not actually that bad. You may be like me and remember learning the plastic recorder at school. The high-pitched squeal as we breathed in and out must have driven my teacher mad! But times have changed and the musical instruments for kids have changed too. Made with wood and paint which is child safe, our range of wooden musical instruments for kids are amazing and we’re not the only ones who think so! Parents and grandparents have left many positive reviews also.

5 Reasons How Kids Benefit from Playing with Musical Instruments

Babies, toddlers and older children can all benefit from playing a musical instrument. Here are just five of the reasons why:

  1. Speeds up brain development – a five-year study by the University of Southern California found that young children who played musical instruments had an increase in brain development. This was particularly in the areas of language development, speech, listening and reading skills.
  2. Helps with sensory development – when they are able to create and explore ideas using musical instruments for kids, it creates more pathways in their brains.
  3. Build upon gross and fine motor skills – banging on a drum helps build gross motor skills. But opening and closing fingers helps with fine motor skills. Using a variety of instrument sizes and types, gives them the best of both worlds to improve their physical skills.
  4. Assists with developing self-confidence and decision making – which keys should I press? What instrument do I like? Which sounds do I like and not like? How do I make music with this? They’re all questions your child will learn to answer for themselves as they experiment with using wooden instruments. By learning to make decisions, they are laying the ground work for positive social interactions as they get older.
  5. Improves listening skills – yes, kids get incredibly excited when they are first introduced to instruments. But as time passes, they start to experiment with the sounds each instrument makes. This in turn develops their listening skills.

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