There’s A T-Rex In My Tummy & Deluxe Puppet Combo

Brand: Kellie Dawson


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Delight young children with our There’s A T-Rex In My Tummy & Deluxe Puppet Combo.


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    There’s A T-Rex In My Tummy & Deluxe Puppet Combo

    Delight young children with our There’s A T-Rex In My Tummy & Deluxe Puppet Combo.


    Deluxe Hand Puppet Features:
    • Large Delux Plush Hand Puppet
    • Measures approx 27cm high
    • Fits both child and adult size hands


    Story Book Features:

    There’s a T-Rex in My Tummy is a delightful story aimed at helping children navigate feelings of stress and anxiety.

    Originally written in 2021 to help the author’s son navigate the feelings of anxiety he was experiencing during Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand, the story was brought to life when he asked if we could turn his story into a “real book”.

    Aimed at children aged 3-8 years old, and includes a range of brightly coloured images that will appeal to children and parents alike.

    The story helps to normalise the anxious feelings that children sometimes experience, and to provide them with some strategies to help cope with those big feelings.

    Our goal is to get our story out to as many little people as possible.

    Therefore, we are raising funds to help kiwi kids to access mental health appointments to help those kids who need a little bit of extra support.

    Metal health care is super expensive, so $1 from every book sold will be donated to help us to achieve this goal.


    • Aimed at children aged 3-8 years old
    • Measures 210mm x 210mm
    • 24 pages
    • Softcover format
    • Written by Kellie Dawson
    • Illustrated by Sarah Healey
    • Printed in New Zealand.



    Hand & Finger Puppets are an ideal springboard for developing speaking and listening skills.
    Children often communicate more easily with puppets, giving them confidence to express their ideas and feelings
    Shy children can become acquainted with others through the roles they take on
    Children are free to try on new personalities and take them off again, with a puppet on their hand, broadening their own in the process.
    Scary animal hand and finger puppets like lions and sharks or shy ones such as a tortoise can help children master uncomfortable feelings
    Puppet play provides an opportunity to gain some control over their world by working out fears and frustrations.


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