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Wooden Stacking Pegboard

Brand: Squoodles
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The Board comes with 25 wooden pegs in 5 different colours which can be stacked into towers.



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Wooden Stacking Pegboard

This great wooden stacking pegboard encourages your child to recognise colours whilst also developing your child’s fine motor skills through the stacking of the pegs.

The Board comes with 25 wooden pegs in 5 different colours.


Age: 3 years +

Dimensions: Board L 21 x W 21 cm

Skill Development:

Organization – Have students sort the pegs by color or shape. Then have them stack or place the pegs in rows on the pegboard, again by color or shape. This trains their brains to identify similarities and differences.

Fine Motor – Picking up, placing, and removing pegs is good practice in grasping and helps students develop hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and the pincer grasp.

Math –Introduce students to repeating patterns, like orange-green-orange-green or circle-triangle-square-circle-triangle-square. Helping students recognize and understand basic patterns prepares them for more advanced math skills such as skip counting, order, and prediction.

1 review for Wooden Stacking Pegboard

  1. Keren

    This is such a great toy, can be used in so many ways and can really hold a kids attention. Great for colour matching, counting, balance, fine motor skills and the list goes on. Great quality will last decades!

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